Frequently Asked Questions

We offer at least 1 year of warranty on all our cars. Furthermore: most brands offer up to 8 years on batteries and drivetrain. Buying a used electric car from Electric Garage is worry-free


your electric cars needs little to no service at all. You don’t need to change the oil or other fluids.

Most of our cars feature TPMS pressure monitoring


Lithium cells in electic cars are affected by outside temperature. This is why your car has less range from november untill march compared to the rest of the year.

Tesla cars that feature Hardware 3.0 or higher are “Full Self driving” capable. This does not mean that these cars can drive themselves. If the Full Self Driving Pilot is active on these cars (7500eu extra @ Tesla) then the car is able to change lanes on the highways and will stop @ stoplights on urban roads automaticly.

More functions will be unlocked in the near future.


yes we carry a complete range of home and mobile chargers, wallboxes and fast chargers in 7,4Kw single phase / 11Kw & 22Kw tri-phase


Brake pads and disk’s don’t need to be changed that often. Our advice is to inspect the brakes every 2 years if used in winter conditions and every 4 years when you use the car in Belgium only. Most electric cars don’t need new pads before 200000-250000km’s


When on a long roadtrip we advice to fast charge the car  from +- 20% state of charge to about 65/70% state of charge. This reduces the times tit takes to charge your car.


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